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Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

The Spring/Summer 2012 collection brings a variety of sheer patteren tights, fun socquettes and sexy thigh-highs!

Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
  • Passionnes Bas - Jarrettiere
  • Trous Socquette
  • Fleuri Summer Collant
  • Double Colored Top
  • Roses Top
  • Simple Bodysuit
  • Panta Simple Leger
  • Flou Socquette Coton
  • Cotele Cotton Mi-Bas
  • Ruelle seduction mi-bas
  • Fleuri Summer Collant
  • Tatoues Summer Collant
  • L'Amour Seduction Mi-Bas
  • Lierre Summer Collant
  • Roses Collant
  • Sinueux Brilliant Panta
Passionnes Bas - Jarrettiere
Thigh Highs with pinstriped pattern and luxurious two-tone lace top. Double silicone band for extra comfort. Perfect for the shortest of mini skirts!
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